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These include trekking boots, cloths, poll sticks, flash lights, sun glasses, sleeping equipments and camping gears to use when climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain

The perfect gears to use while trekking the Kilimanjaro Mountain, appropriate tools and cloths to have with you while trekking the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

List of mountain gears for rent

ItemPrice ($)
sleeping bag        15
Warm jacket    15
Warm trouser      10
Rain coat    10
Rain trouser     10
Torch     10
Mountain boots      25
Long underwear 8
Sweater      10
Water bottle  8
Walking stick (pair)10
Sun glasses8
Balaclava/hut 8
Tent  50
matress  8
Gloves 10
Hyperbaric Chamber 300
Oxygen Kit  200
Portable toilet    300
* Prices are for the entirely trekking.

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