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Kilimanjaro Outfitters - Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Outfitters is a locally owned tour and safaris company that specialises in mountain climbing, wildlife safaris, photographing safaris, cultural tourism programmes and beach holiday vacations in East Africa.
We are primarily located in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro region, in a well known and famous tourist junction,   Moshi town, just a few miles away from the roof top of Africa, the Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Getting to Moshi

Moshi is a town located near the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in the North of Tanzania the nearest town is Arusha, it’s also near the Kenya border.

Travel Insurance

You have made a significant investment in your travel plans and, while in most cases everything will run smoothly, situations may arise on or before your trip

Safaris - Day trips

Tanzania Safari Day Trips offered - We offer a variety of options at various prices from these prime tourist destinations.

Accommodation in Moshi

Moshi accommodation in hotels, apartments with huge savings. Lodging in Moshi town and nearby. Currently available rooms for the best rates

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